Michelle Christensen: NSX

Michelle Christensen designed of the Acura NSX

Imagine standing next to a very sexy car.  Now imagine being the designer of that very sexy car.  Michelle Christensen doesn’t have to imagine being that person; She IS that person!

With an amazing artistic talent combined with interest and knowledge of racing cars from a young age (her father was into hot rods and muscle cars), Michelle was inspired to be a car designer after her first car show visit experience.  She completed her studies at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.

Michelle’s first role as lead designer was on the 2016 Honda NSX project.  Being motivated by her passions of “arts, cars, and making things for people” (her quote), she led her team in creating one of the hottest (and coolest, at the same time) road warriors of this decade, the Acura NSX.

The Acura NSX being Michelle Christensen’s first successful project, I can only imagine her future projects will have no limits to the beauty and ingenuity that will be produced. 

Anxiously waiting for what’s coming up next!

Watch this MotorWeek video of Michelle Christensen talking about how she did it!

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